Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 12- 2013

Monday- Oh my God, workplace drama.  My coworkers were screaming at each other during our monthly meeting.  Very stubborn ladies I work with.  And then they go out for lunch and everything is fine.  Hmmm,  I love the pay, benefits, work I am doing, but the workplace atmosphere has got me a little down. Snow-day today so there was no play practice (as I predicted).

Tuesday- Late Start and Librarian Jane was sick so there was no story hour.  I went in to work and followed it up with visiting the After School Program at Central.  I learned to make a duck tape rose and lanyard.  Of course musical soon followed.

Wednesday- One more Farm to School presentation.  My longest to travel, Gay's Mills.  Right when I got home we hoped in the car and headed to the Schiller Pollock family for some yummy veg dinner and conversation.  Leslie and I talked a lot about homeschooling.  She does such an amazing job with her children. 
Happy to be at Whimsy Market
Thursday- I met with Kayla Koether about the school gardens.  I also just like hanging out with Kayla, so that was fun.  I was at Whimsy again (yay) and then the kids decided to have two run throughs of the play so we had practice from 4-9.  Yikes.  They are ready though.

I'll replace this photo with better ones when I get to the cd.
 Friday- Lynette from our Regional Extension Office came to meet with me about Food and Fitness Initiative.  She was very pleasant and helped me to understand my role in the process.  First night of the musical was a SUCCESS.  The kiss got lots of great compliments and I was very proud of them.

Saturday- I worked Whimsy Market, then went to run lights and take a bow at our final night of the musical.  Kind of sad that all that work only makes for two nights.  Next year I am thinking of doing Thursday night too.  They did such a great job.  I am really going to miss working with Andy.  He is such a great actor and friendly person.

The house I haven't cleaned or touched in weeks.
Sunday- HOUSE CLEANING.  It's all I did all day and I only made a small dent. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 11- 2013

Monday- Farm to school at Prairie Catholic.  Jake Wedener, a dairy farmer with Organic Valley was our presenter.  Because Organic Valley is a huge company they had lots of great hands on activities for the kids, like how to milk a cow using a rubber utter.  It was quite fun and he was so sweet. 

Tuesday- Very Busy Day.  Extension.  Library.  Farm to School.  Musical.

Wednesday- As the musical drew closer it was all that was on my mind.  Wednesday night when I usually relax involved going to the theater and finishing painting and going to the Opera House to get the remaining costume items.
Thursday- Another Farm to School in Wauzeka.  I watched this video 5 times at each school, five different days.  I still found it entertaining, but you can tire of Harvest of the Month presentations pretty easily.  One of the great things about Organic Valley is that also donated cheese sticks and vanilla milk (SOOOO good) to all the schools, which is over $1000.

Friday- Two schools to present at for Harvest of the Month.  And another day of musical practice.  I warned the kids about snow on Monday and they decided to practice both Saturdaya nd Sunday to be prepared.

Saturday- Worked at Whimsy Market for the first time in days.  I was able to catch up a little bit. That evening I had musical practice.

Sunday- St. Patrick's Day.  We watched the parade from the store window with friends and then went to Schera's for some lunch.  Thelma, a little girl who comes to work with her Dad beside Whimsy Market sometimes was there.  We sat with her and she introduced us to her dinosaurs.  She was amazed at my magic disappearing trick, which was really fun.  And musical practice once again.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 10 - 2013

Choreography Practice
Monday- I finally had my melt down.  Play practice was canceled again, even though there was no snow on Monday night.  And then Tuesday was called off so another no practice.  At this point, I just want to be done.  I am almost numb when thinking about it.  Actually I can't think about it or it is all I think about.  I have some really big negative nellies this year.  But, bringing tears to my eyes, former students who have graduated have started e-mailing me saying really nice things to me.  I think one of my actors, Keaton, may have put them up to it, but it still feels great.

Silver Linings Playbook.
Tuesday- I was in my pajamas all day.  In fact, I didn't even put a bra on to go to the movie theater.  Bryce and I saw Silver Linings Playbook.  We loved it.  It put us both in a great mood.  Agnes went sledding with friends.  I was a ticked because I tried to have practice Monday night and parents called the principal to tell them they were concerned about their kids saftey (when it didn't even snow until 3 am), and those exact same kids got to drive out to Osborne in a blizzard to snow.  Priorities people.  But I let Agnes go anyway, because she has been such a trooper for me.  She stands up for my directing even when her friends complain.

Wednesday- I started my day with an eye appointment, followed by a make-up chiro appointment from the day before.  My rib is still out of place, but hopefully does some good.  Might have to go again though.  Then I went to the Food Service Directors meeting in Seneca.  It was good to finally meet with the Directors and hear them talk all together. 

I love this guy.  Mike Draper from Raygun.
Thursday- I went to EntreFest in Cedar Rapids.  I had gone before in Dubuque, this year it was at the hotel at Kirkwood (which is a very impressive hotel).  I was a little disappointed this year that there was so much focus on start-ups and economic development this year and not as much on small businesses, but I really enjoyed the keynote speakers.  Especially Mike Draper from Raygun shirts.  I have been a fan of his work since his first year of production.  And he was very cool, humble, and funny.

Leave it to my husband to come home with just this photo.  He delights in the obscure.
Friday- Bryce and Link went to Diana's birthday party, but Agnes and I stayed back for play practice.  It seems like about every four year old I know has a birthday this week. 

Saturday- I spent the day at Starmont judging Poetry and Prose.  It was really good.  It is funny how some people who do poetry think there is a rise and fall to each poem.  We went to Schera's when we got back.   Frederique gave me a free piece of cheesecake because of my nice article in inspire[d] magazine.  It's on page 35: 

Ready for the pARRRty.
Sunday- I started my day working at the omelet brunch for the Extension.  After that I put Link down for a nap and had one myself.  Bryce woke us up to go to Declan Finley's party.  It was held at his dad's pub.  It was amazing, the games, photo shoot, and cake.  Trisha went all out.
Link decided that the parrot costume was his favorite.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Week 9- 2013

We had two make up Farm to School days after all those snow days.  We did beef farms this month, which was quite easy and the jerky the kids tried was quite tasty.  Few complaints on this one. 

Observed Lego League at Central in the morning and spend the rest of the day in the office.  Play practices are coming along.  Still have a long way to go in little time.
Had basketball parents potluck.
Received a mean call from one of my vendors about how bad she thinks I am at doing the taxes of my shop because I never gave her a 1099, when she is the only one I am didn't because she refused to give me her ss# after several e-mails, phone calls, and letters.  All other 9 vendors were fine.  Then literally 10 minutes after I drop my form in the postal slot to the IRS I get an e-mail with her ss# (mind you I asked her three months ago and she said that internet was not secure and blah blah blah).   Pulling my hair out.  And up until tax time she was one of my favorite vendors. 

Snow Day.  Went into the office a little late to find a bitter co-worker who was sick, had called me in the morning (about the time I was getting all the calls from all the schools I work at that they were canceling) and didn't leave a message, to see if I could come in for her.
I left at 10 to go to a funeral.  Donna Wessels was this amazing welcoming soul that I attended church with for a while.  I actually started going to that church after she came to my door when we moved to town with a loaf of bread.  I was on the council with her husband, Carl and they were SO in love, even after 60 some years.  I will totally miss her.
Built a snowman with Link later that evening.  Really good packing snow.  He did almost all of it himself. 

Office.  Track Parent's Potluck.  Musical Practice.
Link's been really into skateboarding lately.  Did not see that one coming.  He can even ride standing up now.

Office.  Brought Link in for half the day, 12-5.  He lay quietly on a blanket for two hours blowing kisses at me, telling me I was kind and that lying on the blanket was really fun.   Seriously.   Then he finally fell asleep for two hours.  Easiest work day with kid, ever.  Musical Practice.

Whimsy.  Lego Meeting with Trish.  Choreography.  Set.
And then Bryce and I went to Casino night at the Extension Office.  We had a good meal, played roulette, plinko, and some kind of fast poker.  Then there was a auction with the money we won (It was all fake).  I had my eyes on a few things, but groups pooled their money together and Bryce and I didn't really have enough to get anything.

Link and I went thrift shopping to the max.  Singing "Pop some tags" all day long.  We went to dollar days in Oelwein, then Indy, then Waterloo.  We were both tuckered out by the time we got home.  I was mostly prop shopping for the Musical, but it was still a lot of fun.   

Week 8- 2013

I started putting in more office hours at the Clayton County Extension and now my life is so overwhelming, I keep writing June and November for the months I am in.  Yikes.  I'm a week behind and barely remember this week, so I will just go by what the calendar says.  On Monday I went to Prairie to help Amy interview a VISTA candidate.  She was the only one.  She was good.  She didn't accept the job offer.  I still feel shitty now about leaving Amy without a third year VISTA.
I remember crocheting my infinity scarf at this story hour.  I also remember feeling my rib out of place.  They still are not back and I haven't had a restful sleep in days.  When I got home I made cookie dough balls for Agnes to bake cookie dough cupcakes.

This could have been the day I filmed Trish at the Opera House, but I am not sure.  Kickstart campaign is delayed for song producers work.  No biggie, I could use an extension.   Photo history also shows that I did Farm to School in North Crawford with Amy presenting.

I meet with Liz Tueke about the Lego Robotics program they had at the school and set of on a course for sponsorships and group forming.

Snow day at Farm to School location.  I was at the shop instead and had an Essential Oils class at night.  Added Friday to the play calendar so I no longer have a life and I miss all my beloved fish fries.

Bryce's Birthday!!! He turned 34.  We went to Viroqua for the day.  We went to The Driftless Cafe and enjoyed the cute shops and were blown away by a brand new shop, Design Menagerie.  We had a great conversation with the owner, Brigit, and Bryce even found a product she was selling that was designed by one of his friends.  Check this awesome store out

Academy Awards Party at the Mosers. It was a great time of good food and cute pictures.  We got pretty dressed up, minus the unshaved legs and no make-up, etc.  I really enjoyed the show and we had a ballot of guesses to see who would win.  Cheri beat me by one point.  This was an event I will remember.  So much fun.