Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week 17: Top 10

1. A much needed solo vacation.  I chose Duluth, MN.  It did not choose me.  50 degrees, 30 mph winds, and rain.

2.  Painting the front porch with Link.

3. Getting a speaking role in the upcoming Opera House Musical production "Working."  A Sondheim, based on a Studs Terkel book.

4. Strawberry Picking for the first time.  (In Mabel, MN)

5. "White Trash" Bunco night.  I was in charge of food and we had twinkies on toothpicks, cheese wiz, etc.

6. Downtime with Debbie.  She took a few days off to build her deck and I got to take up most of her time since it was raining.

 7. Visit with the Pedal Powered Family on their bike trip through North America.  We went swimming, had lunch at Simply in Prairie du Chien, and then sent them on with love.

8. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

9. Garden is looking better and better with each rain.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 16: Top 10

1. A great visit from Betsy and Jim.

2. Garnavillo Auction Deals- I bought a solid oak round table and chairs for $90 and a bunch of cookie sheets and pans for pennies.  The only deal I didn't get was $1.25 for a can of soda.

3. Free ice cream at the bank.

4. Race for a Cure.  Link and I went for fun with no agenda.  Free music and a jump house.  Beautiful walk and name of loved ones I have lost (Michelle Rima and Rick Tibbott) displayed on t-shirts of people I don't even know shows the connections we all have.

5. Adult Hip Hop class where I am learning tutting and booty popping

6. Sadie and Jason came for dinner and Jason made me feel really confident about what I can do with certain areas of the house I was scared to touch.  (Like the ceilings and floors).

7. Re-building the front porch with my sister.

8. Biking with a new bike and bike trailer.

9. Realizing Link can count to 10 by himself.

10. Having a nice dinner with the world's best dad and the world's best dad to my child.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Week 14/15: Top 10

1. Garage sale with mom (she knocked down the street sign in our yard).

2. Going to Dubuque by myself (driving and eating at Crust) and then later with Amber

3. Getting the store painted with Michelle

4. Watching the birds grow up and fly away.  We are now empty-nesters.

5. Signs of life in the garden-radishes, lettuce, carrots.

6. Bathing with Link, watching him nurse his squirt toys

7. Tune-yards

8. The annual Sam's Birthday Party and Strawberry Days Parade.

9. Ripping up our porch and putting in a new one.

10. WIC gave me a book for free that I was considering buying from a store anyway.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Link updates

Starting to love baths.

Loving song and dance.

Has picked up from Diana "How doing?  Goud."  and "What doing?  oOOooohhh!"

Started counting, but just to 2.

Whining A LOT.

From time to time eating green beans right away.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Week 13: Top 10 (-3)

1. Painting with chalkboard paint

2. The Wire

3. Planted the garden.  Which checks one off my 101 to do list.  Only 68 more things to do by next May.

4. Making waffles with Link.  He decided to crack his own egg, which was fun to watch and a mess to clean up.

5. Filled a sandbox for Link in the raised bed that we didn't end up using.

6. My friend Jasmine came home for a visit and brought along her boyfriend DQ.  She scheduled the time with Rebecca Bender and her twins so it was lots of fun and kid entertaining.  Link got his hair cut as well.

7. This week is going too fast to think.