Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 8: Top 10

1. Trying out night driving to Ohio. It worked well. Link slept 9-10 of the whole 11 hours. The rain stopped every time I went to drive so my astigmatism wasn't taxed as much.

2. Boot camp obstacle course.

3. Free coffee at Caribou with own container for Earth Day. And finding this out when I was 1 block away from a Caribou with my own container on Earth Day.

4. An Anthony Thomas Chocolate hand print on my sleeve from eating chocolate bunnies with Link. Yum, that is damn good chocolate.

5. Finding thrift store row in Columbus, Ohio- Goodwill, Once Upon a Child, New Uses

6. Dying Easter eggs with Kate
7. Receiving Friendship Bread from our neighbors and passing it on.

8. Being invited over for dinner from those same neighbors (who we have had for 3 years now and barely know.)
9. Polka Dot Snow
10. Cousin Diana staying for a couple of nights. (That is until we discovered she had pink eye.)


Link has started to say sentences more frequently.
This weekend is:

I'm funny.
It's really cold.
I bumped my head.
I'm drinking a pop. (He really wasn't, but it was funny when he said it.)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Link cried all the way home from his play date "Stelllllllllla" which is the name of his buddy.

Link is obsessed with a video doing French flashcards. He has begun to say "La" before everything he says "La Cat" "La Buzz" "La Lincoln"

People are coming up to Lincoln and saying "Got your nose." So when we were teaching Link how to do a T in sign he looked at it and said "I got my nose!"

"I got you" is a favorite saying when he wants someone to hold on or he needs to hold on to something. Comes from me saying it to him when I first put him on his spring horse.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Link's latest favorite sayings

Uh Oh, I drop em- when he drops anything

Tight- when he doesn't want his diaper put on.

Ready, Go- when he is ready to run

I gottcha- when he wants you to spot him

Week 7: Top 10

1. Visiting with Sr Amelia who is my favorite Great Aunt ever. She had a stroke last week, but she was doing awesome when we saw her. No signs of anything.
2. A surprise tax REFUND. We haven't seen one of those in years.

3. Updating the entryway with a hanging light I bought at a garage sale a few years ago. I just recently realized how awesome it would be in this spot. It looks great.
4. Great finds at the CCH rummage sale. Silver chandelier for bathroom $5, apple and worm toy for Link 50¢.

5. Adding a little more Easter to our home. Crafting surprise carrots.6. Dying eggs with natural dyes for the first time. We used berries, onion skins, grass, and cumin. We were most amazed that the red onion skins were a beautiful pink liquid, but the eggs dies this awesome green.

7. Dressing up like 1950 and going to the Lakeside Ballroom dance with Lincoln.
Eating a yummy meal during dance numbers. See more at

8. Despite never answering me when I ask Link what color something is, today he sits down with his book on colors and reads each page without any help.

9. Reading my friend Claire's blog. I haven't seen her since New Year's Eve when she was pregnant and had little knowledge of what the future held for her family. Now she has a 3 month old with Down Syndrome. The blog is so inspiring, even though it makes me cry after reading each post.

10. An April snow, making me not feel guilty about not having the garden boxes ready yet.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Free Peep Show

Free Peep Show, originally uploaded by Shannon Marye.

Check out the photos that go with the top 10 lists. Including video of Link trying to juggle and Link giving the cat a huge hug.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 6: 10 pieces of life

1. Planning my garden and purchasing all seed from Seed Savers Exchange. (Plants next week.)
First time on my own. Cross your fingers.

2. A mini-trip to St. Paul -staying with Debbie -Ikea -Breakfast at the Copper Dome
Got this little basket of veggies for Link.

3. Watching bald eagle pips be born on Decorah's live cam. (Beware the loud ad at the beginning.)

4. JoAnna James concert, back in MN. We've missed her while she's been in LA.

5. Cierra, our 4th grade baby-sitter who is amazing with Link.

6.Finding out about Brian Dettmer- Book carving artist

7. "What I am" by Will i Am. Another Sesame Street fave. A song I hope Link will listen to everyday of his life.

8. A great date in Prairie du Chien with Link -Simply Coffee Shop, Prairie Peddler, Monkey Tail, Junipers.

9. Trying great new cocktails at the Aster Cafe such as Ammeretto with Pear Cider and a stick of peanut brittle. And a variety of loose leaf tea cocktails.

10. Attending my first auction, figuring out the system, scoring some great deals.
Like this electric coffee set for $9.