Sunday, May 25, 2014


We spent a lot of time at seed savers this month, getting seeds, seedlings, and attending trish's concert in the barn for her new cd release.  She asked me to sing backup on a few songs and I couldn't have been more honored.  What a great album she has put together and what a great show.
Link had fun in the sandbox and willow huts.

On Mother's Day Thyne said hello.  We went to our annual celebration with my moms family.  Love my children.

The book Bryce illustrated is finished.  He did a great job and even got a compliment from John Hodgman.

Felix learned to roll over.  He also took a bath with Link.

On my birthday weekend we went to Mount Vernon to eat at the Lincoln Cafe but found it is now the Palisades Cafe, which was equally good and still focused on local food.  We also checked out the cute little town which was full of creative stores and ideas.  

We also went to see Grant Wood's studio in Cedar Rapids.  I guess this is what my face looks like when Link is being awful.  And we finished up our day with dinner at Newbo Market and fun on the lawn.

Spring is here and so are my favorite spring foods.  We always get a couple of morels in our yard.  Thanks Mother Earth for the nice gift.  We have asparagus and rhubarb growing this year and of course lots of dandelions.  Here is a photo of dandy bread Link and I made.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Uniquely Felix

So I kind of thought I had this parenting thing figured out, but Felix has taught me something these past 4 months.  Every baby is their own person.  I am so often thinking "Link didn't do that" and I am right, he didn't, because Felix is not Link.

Last night Amber came to take Link for a couple days and I had a moment to reflect on Felix as we know him today.  I am going to try to make none of these comments say "unlike Link" although most of them could have that attached.  I'll start with one that is kind of the same.

Felix is big beautiful baby boy with big blue eyes and a reddish tint to his hair.  Surprisingly no dimples but he has a smile that lights up his face.

He loves to smile at everyone, but only really like to be held for very long by mom and dad.  He is inconsistent on who he enjoys being held by.  He is inconsistent in many areas.  He is a light sleeper and a heavy sleeper.  He is spooked easily and hardly spooked at all.  Naps can be long or short.  They are mostly short.

At 4 months Felix babbles non-stop, laughs at Link and mama blowing on his belly, and is trying to roll from his back to front.  He doesn't really do tummy time, but is very strong none-the-less.

Life is definitely harder with two, or maybe I should say, having a baby is definitely hard when you have a job.  If I didn't get so much satisfaction out of my job and feel like it is a great fit for me I would be gone in a heart beat.  

Raising a baby with both parents working has created some changes in parenting.  We are not cloth diapering (yet?).  We use the Honest company.  

I have to be more conscious of pumping and keeping a supply.  I am on the clock feeding as I usually need to get home every 2-3 hours.  

Felix does take a pacifier now.  He also sometimes sleep in the co-sleeper rather than our bed.  

We have put him in the door jumper.  He likes hanging out but hasn't figured out how to jump yet.  He does like to grab toys.  He got a Sophie giraffe and is often playing with him (as big brother says).  We go on lots of walks in his car seat stroller.  He also likes to swing from time to time, nothing ever captures his attention for too long.  

He is a big cuddler and I LOVE that.