Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween was on a Friday.  we had just gotten back from Minneapolis the day before and were a bit exhausted.  Still we had fun.  I bought my entire witch costume dress, hat, jewelry in Elkader.  The tights and makeup at Walmart.  Bryce shaved the beard to paint his face.  We found his costume at target.  I got links vampire costume second hand.  I knew he didn't care much if he was a vampire so I bought the Lego hat for him on etsy and added some felt teeth, eyebrows and hair.  We made hands out of can coozies.  I sewed Felix's mummy costume on the drive to Minneapolis.  Lots of cheesecloth on a hoodie and some old pants.  He doesn't like anything on his head right now so I knew I wouldn't get away with a hat.

After work we went to the library for some games.
Here is link throwing sacks into the toilet.

Felix wasn't liking the cold so Bryce stayed home with him while Link and I went trick or treating.

When we got home we broke a bunch of glow sticks, put on a pandora rave station and danced into the night.  

October weeks

1. Went to Osborne heritage days.  Fry bread tacos and homemade rootbeer.  We meet the new bear cub too.  Link is studying native Americans and Osborne had a teepee and buffalo stew and arrowheads and much more.

2. Our first Harvest Festival in Elkader went well.

Felix won first place in his age group.  I actually was a little embarrassed because there were pumpkins done by little kids who actually knew what they were doing, but I didn't know who the judges were so I couldn't do anything about it.  Free pizza.

3. One busy Sunday we picked up Norwegian dinner to go.
Took the family and a 4h group to see Curious George the musical in Dubuque.
Then Bryce immediately left for Madison to see John Hodgman.

4. We were invited to the mfl mar Mac Halloween bash (which was crazy for this claustraphobic lady).  Since our intended Halloween costumes were not finished we dug out a lungi costume for Link.  He loved it and ran around like lungi, stopping to jump while kicking his leg out and saying "doink". We had a dragon costume and I added some red eyebrows and hair and a black collar and writ cuffs to be kuppa.  Then they were from the same game, no matter how abstract.

5 .  Bryce and Felix and I went to Minneapolis for a 4h convention.  Loved the convention.  Dent love Felix vomiting on me for the first 12 hours of it.  Link stayed at my parents.  We had a great view of th city and ate at some great places in Nicolette.  I especially loved the French bakery where Bryce and I had crepes for lunch and macaroons for dessert.  Here is a great front back Bryce took from our room.
The staff was above and beyond friendly and all the sessions were stellar.  It was one of my first times in a hotel where I never watched TV.

Autumn skies

We had a gorgeous fall, with beautiful leaves and perfect temps 50-70.  Bryce couldn't stop taking photos of the beauty.

More Jack Skellington Activities

Jack o lantern pancakes.

Crayon resist watercolor.  Jack wanted up to paint ghosts.  We ended up sending secret messages and making things magically appear in the glass dessert cloche.

Tea bag ghosts.  These puppies flew really high and delighted us all.

Turn a pink flamingo into a vulture.  Maybe this would have looked scarier if I hadn't  run out of black paint.

Make a haunted house.

Frankenstein pudding cups

Made Halloween costumes for Legos.  Spider-Man was Merida,  friends girl was malicifent, and yellow guy is a robot.