Friday, February 22, 2013

Tap List

My celebrity tap list:

1. James Franco- Love his giant smile.  Favorite movie- Milk

2. Eddie Redmayne- Another gorgeous smile and freckles too.  Favorite movie- My Week with Marilyn and Les Mis

3. Ryan Gosling- Love his nose and eyes and body, plus super talented.  Favorite Movie- Blue Valentine and Lars and the Real Girl. 

4. Kate Winslet- Gorgeous top to bottom, also amazingly talented.  Favorite Movie- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Holy Smoke.  The Reader was also unforgettable.

5. Matt Damon- Another big smile I can't resist.  Favorite Movies- Good Will Hunting and The Departed

6. Heath Ledger- Yes, I know he is gone, but the scene keeps him alive and he is gorgeous.  Favorite Movie- Brokeback Mountain

7. Michelle Williams- Great eyes.  Favorite Movie- Blue Valentine, My Week with Marilyn

8. Jake Gyllenhaal- I love the angles of his face and the eyes.  Favorite Movie- Brokeback Mountain

9. Brad Pitt- All over handsome, but I prefer him with shorter hair.  Favorite Movie- Fight Club

 10. Christina Hendricks- Gorgeous hair and figure.  Favorite Show- I like her in Mad Men, but I am not a huge fan of the show.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Infertility Poem

My father came from apples, my mother from pears,
And so I am an orchard, yet little fruit I bear

I wrote this poem last year, but still feeling it this year.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 7- 2013

Link and I went to library with Jill.  Paula was the only other person there (with Taylor and Nora).  Jill was not as enthused to have story hour with so few kids, but she read them a couple books, showed them a movie, then had them make Valentines.  I made some heart glasses for Link which I think brightened Jill's day a little bit. 

Library with Jane.  It was a half hour postponed without warning, so we went to Cheri's house for a little bit first.  Then the kids had there fun.  Afterwards Link and I went to the toy store in Prairie for him to use his $5 he got in a Valentine from his Great-Grandma.  He looked around and I told him what things cost.  He was going to buy a wooden movable robot, but then he remembered that the card said to eat candy, so he decided to get a ring pop.  I told him he had enough money for both, but he said "No, look at the robots face, it's saying grrr." so he decided to buy a $1 ring pop and it made the rest of his day.

I put in my first day at the office at the Clayton County Extension.  Arranged the furniture in my cubical.  Answered some phone calls.  Took some checks that came in.  AND THEN one of the Council Members came in to tell me one of my new co-workers is not to be trusted.  I am pissed.  How unprofessional.  Now I am not sure I want to work here.  I keep thinking is there a lot of backstabbing that goes on here, lots of butting heads, if she is so untrustworthy why isn't she gone, if I become friends with her will this council member think I am untrustworthy.  Needless to say I am not very happy about it, but I can't see any positive outcome to me reporting this so I will just sit and stew about it for a while.

Valentines Day!  Link was super excited to hand out Valentines to his daycare friends and receive them as well.
We finally had a Farm to School, after several cancellations.  This one was in Wauzeka and we actually had two farmers present on grass-fed beef.   Tom Martin on Angus and Bart Mitchell on Limosin.  The kids loved having them there and chewing on their jerky.
I also picked up a list of things at Walmart for Agnes.  One of them was diet pills.  So I texted her a message about how I was so sad to see this on the list, how I thought she was beautiful, on and on.  She texted me back: They're for my mom.
Whoops.  Due to the low cost of thing in comparison to Norway she often sends items home that they request.  Now I need to send the same text to her mom, right?
Bryce had a performance review with his job and ended up with a raise and a bonus.  Way to go hubs.

I had a meeting with Clayton County Extension.  A performance review in Crawford that went really well.  Farm to School at Prairie.  Then we went to St. Mary's Fish Fry and then to Vahida's to celebrate her 13th Anniversary of coming to America.  Zinno and her partner were there too.  It was low-key fun.  My dad was in a "They say these are the golden years but I can't name 10 good things about getting older" mood, which made me cry all the way home.  I love my dad and I want him to be happy with his life.  I think his recent sickness has got him down in the dumps, but he is getting more sour every time I see him.  And he is only in his 50s!

Saturday was equally as busy.  Crochet in the morning was making infinity scarves.  Then choreography in the afternoon.  Then back to Whimsy Market until close.  There was no break in between so I was grateful my parents had Link.  And we followed the night up with the best meal I have ever had a Schera's.  There Valentine three course meal was scrumptious.  We had Pulled Smoked Quail with Cherry-Infused Goat Cheese on Toasted Baguette, Fried Risotto Balls with Harissa Aioli, Smoked BBQ Lamb Rib Chops, Pistachio Encrusted Tuna Steak with Pear Ginger Chutney and Jerusalem Artichoke Mash, and Strawberry Pavlov.  Amazing.

Much more low key of a day.  I spent the afternoon filming Trish at Whimsy Market for her Kickstarter Campaign video for her new solo record.  In the evening Bryce and I went to Les Mis.  I had only seen a high school play of this and heard the music from friends songs.  I came away absolutely loving it and realizing how ambitious it was of that high school to try it.  I want to see it again.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Link at 3.5

Link likes to play legos and magnetic building blocks and trains.
He also likes to play pretend with combination characters like roller skate doctor or super cowboy.

He is starting to get into reading, picks up pretty easily.  He can tell you what sounds the letters make and if he hears a sound we have been working on he notices.  Like today he said "If, starts with an F."  Yes, technically not right, but he is hearing the right letter.

Link likes to make up words by combining what he hears.  He gets stuck on certain combos like Won-toncentrate and Mistakery.  He could come up with some good band names. 

He doesn't like using pens and pencils very much.  I've had some luck with markers and stamps, but coloring is not on his list of fun activities.

He still takes one nap a day.  This and when he goes to bed is usually accompanied by reading 3 books (his age) and me lying with him until he falls asleep.  This is a habit we will be working on getting away from. 

Link loves going to daycare now.  He also loves to come home and say "I went to Joan's house today and I did nothing, I just stood there."  He will often talk about Joan, his day care provider, but he rarely talks about the kids.  I've noticed some things he says that I assume he gets from kids at day care.  Like saying "lumber" now instead of "number" and a new favorite phrase "Whats a heck?"

Link has grown to like gymnastics and tap.  He loves the song they are rehearsing called "Leave it to me."  He is a little behind in his class.  The others can all lift their head off the floor when doing a back bend, some can do back rolls, be he is learning a lot.  He likes his teacher.  Sometimes I see the other girl's boss him around, which saddens me. 

He loves story hour with Jane in McGregor.  We go on Tuesdays and I am not sure I can give it up, though I could be sending him to daycare on this day and working.  He loves it so much and I love seeing my other mom friends.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 6- 2013

I have had a terrible hacking cough for the past few weeks. I think Link had it earlier in January and gave it to all my family.

Tea Time with Nora.
Link and I went story hour in Elkader.  Paula forgot the time and showed up right when it ended, so we stayed for the kids to play and then went together to Treats.
I had play practice and Bryce had signed us up for concession stand, so Amber came and did the concession stand with him, while my mom watched Link.
When mom and Amber got home, they took my dad to the hospital for his cough. He had pneumonia last year so they were concerned he had it again.  He stayed for 4 days.

Link and I tried to go to story hour in McGregor but the snow was so bad at the time we had to drive I turned around after about 15 min.  I kept hitting a rumble strip and wasn't sure if it was outside or inside the center.
The rest of the day's weather was much better.

I had another meeting at the Extension Office.
After that I went to visitors days at tap/gymnastics. I was really impressed with how much Link has improved and how well he listens and follows directions. I think Carmen like having him too. He still wasn't doing front rolls without help though, so I worked with him at home.

This is the recipe I copied.
School was let out early, but I still had a meeting in Prairie with the Wisconsin and Iowa Extension. I think Kathleen really enjoyed it. I think Teresa may have saw it as Iowa helping Wisconsin and not the other way around.
Afterwards I went to the grocery and got some food that just seems really great, cheeses, lots of fresh produce, etc. That night I had ciabatta bread with creamy Brie, pistachios, and blueberries.

Jane canceled Farm to School due to Anna having the flu and not really being prepared enough for me to do it myself, so I had an unexpected day off. I went to Whimsy Market a bit and hung out with Sadie and was her lookout as she hung tapestries up high.
I had a make-up play practice, requested by my students. That rocked.

We had a tremendous day at Whimsy Market. Making up sales for the whole week. No clothing sold though and I am worried that the new hanging system that I love, might be causing the loss in sales. That and there is negativity in the air with that booth right now.
After work I wanted to go have something great to eat without having to drive way far. We decided to go to Victories in Fayette. I had sweet chile pork loin and Bryce had beef medallions. Link will tell you he had sweet potato fries with ketchup and really big chicken strips. Great as usual. Agnes was at a basketball tournament.

After a day of lounging around Bryce and I had Agnes watch Link and we went down to Zero Dark Thirty. I really enjoyed the film, Bryce was a little disturbed by the content. Kathryn Bigelow really captures an element of war that I think many men directors just don't see.

I forgot/decided not to use the clomid this week, but did use a basal base thermometer. Sunday was peek temperature.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Where I am at in my Faith

1. Mystery-  Sometimes I think about what church I belong to and none seem to fit me.  So then I try to make up with names of churches that I would go to.  My latest name has been "The church of mystery." I am in awe of the mystery of God so much that I often don't want to think about God at all, because then it just pisses me off and I start to think of church as a gathering together each week to crack the code, when it can't be cracked, so I feel like just letting God be a giant mystery.  Plus it irks me to no end to hear people talk for God as if they do know what God is like.  The one honest thing you can say about the Creator is that no one truly understands God.

2. Love- When I get sad about my faith, thinking I have none, I often think of my "born again conversion" to Christianity.  I think, "that changed my life, I can't just not believe."  But I have come to realize that the epiphany wasn't about Christianity, it was about Love.  Profound Love that I still worship on a daily basis.  Love that exists even when I have trouble believing in anything else.  Love that makes me think, even if at this moment I can't wrap my head around "Jesus," I can wrap my head around the fact that Profound Love is so real that if I personally needed a Jesus to save me, Love would have provide it and may have. 

3. Death- One struggle I have in my faith is the idea of heaven and hell.  I don't really believe in them, so it makes Jesus' purpose almost irrelevant.  So the other day I was sitting there thinking if there is no heaven and hell then the body just dies and becomes earth.  And then I was thinking of how the earth is God and how we then become one with God and it struck me dumb.  I might not believe in a reuniting of souls, but I do believe in a reuniting with the mystery and that is amazing to me.

4. Acceptance- I understand how some people cannot accept others.  When you are taught something from a young age it is hard to break.  And I understand people who feel like they have to be against something so that they can deal with trauma that happened to them.  Yet, I hope everyone will one day come to realize that not accepting someone the way that God created them is not accepting God and/or trusting that God knows what She's doing. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week 5- 2013

This week was that weird weather week where it was 50 and sunny, lightning storms, the smell of spring, then a blizzard and -20 windchill.  School was cancelled or delayed most of week.


On Sunday (and then Wednesday) I planned on going to Prairie for Silver Linings Playbook, but both days were terrible, so I may have to miss that one until it is on video. 

Also on Sunday a friend of mine from high school lost her 9 month old baby to a chocking accident.  That has been on my mind a lot lately.  I had just seen the smiley little boy in December. 

I have been starting some schooling with Link these past couple weeks.  We have been doing some great Pre-K packets that help with letter sounds, writing, cutting, number recognition, etc.  He has really been enjoying it.  So even though there was no school for Agnes, Link had some fun learning about the letter F, among many other things.

I was in Prairie helping plan activities for a Wellness Event on Wednesday (that was later canceled).  Then I went to a Driftless Wisconsin Grown meeting.  The meeting was super inspiring and I wanted to volunteer for just about everything, but also kept in the back of my mind that I am soon going to be removing myself from the Prairie scene, so I need to pass things on to others. 

Agnes painted Link's nails.  He loves them.
Link and I went to story hour (Cheri's kids all had the flu).  Then we joined Paula and the girls for some Chinese in Prairie. 

I got one good play practice in on Tuesday.  All other days were no school or no after school events.

My meeting with the Extension Office this week was postponed twice this week.  I also closed the shop on Wednesday and kept Link with me instead of sending him to daycare.  No tap/gymnastics either.  There was so much snow no one was out.

Finished the chalkboard for Katie Allman's wedding.  It was a slow day at the shop.

I spent the majority of the day writing an article and taking pictures for inspire(d) magazine.  Look for the feature on Elkader in the Spring issue.

Link and I made Valentines for his daycare.

Agnes had an away game.  The rest of us went to my parents house for dinner and to celebrate Amber's birthday.  We hadn't seen anyone in a few weeks because my parents were on a cruise, then they came home with pnemonia. 

I have had a bad cough all week.  No other sickness, but my chest hurts so bad from the depth of each cough.


We had crochet class again.   I worked at the shop and then I held women's circle at my house. 

Kaitlyn was unable to come because the person filling in for her at work got fired.  So it was a small group, but Trish was able to come.  So we had some music along with sharing and snacks.  It was a very nice night. 


It is Super Bowl Sunday and the first time in six years we haven't been invited to a party.  We don't have television so there is no party here.  Agnes is invited to one.  I told her we were going to go with her (jokingly).