Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Link's 20 questions

1.  What's you favorite color? Pink
2. What's your favorite toy?  Lego Star Wars
3. What's your favorite fruit?  Orange
4. What's your favorite show?  Pinky dinky do
5. What's your favorite stuffed animal?  Bunny
6. What's your favorite thing to dress up in?  Whatever I already have on
7. What's your favorite game?  Trouble
8. What's your favorite food?  Sweet potato fries
9. What's your favorite animal? Deer
10. What's your favorite song?  Call connected to the NSA, they might be giants and making bacon pancakes
11. What's your favorite book?  Not a box
12.  Who is your best friend?  Cia
13.  Where's your favorite place to go? Restaurants
14. What's your favorite thing to do outside?  Play
15.  What's your favorite thing to drink?  Apple juice
16. What's your favorite holiday?  Halloween
17. What do you sleep with?  Bunny
18. What's your favorite thing to ride?  Bike
19. What's your favorite number?  2113  hundred
20. What do you want to do when you are older?  Road construction or yoda 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rochester Weekend

This weekend we made our annual trip up to Rochester, MN to stay with my cousin Liz.  Dani and Todd's family always comes too and this year so did Becky Hickson and her family.

Friday we had a midwife appointment in Decorah.  Then we ate at the Old Armory BBQ again and headed up to Rochester.  When we got there Liz and Lewis were ready to take us out to the bar.  I was a little nervous about leaving Link since the oldest child was only 12 and there were plenty of other children to distract them, but he did excellent.  So excellent that even fulfilled a lifetime dream (for a 4 year old) of sleeping in a tent.  He was already asleep when we got home.  We slept inside and I kept the window open so I could hear him if he woke up.  At 6 am I heard kids playing outside but didn't hear his voice.  When I finally got myself out of bed I saw him walking around with a toy as if he was one of the lost boys.  When I called to him to say good morning he looked surprised and said "I didn't know you came back."

Saturday we spent all day in the pontoon.  Link wanted to get in the water, but was nervous.  I jumped in for him to come with me, but he only made it down a couple of ladder steps.  He fell asleep for an hour or more on the boat and when he woke up he had more enthusiasm.  He went on the jet ski with Lewis and sat on Dani's lap in the intertube.  Then he wanted more jet skiing.  Todd even let Link be his co-pilot on the ride back to shore.

We had a campfire that night but by 10 we were all in bed. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

County Fair

This week was the Clayton County Fair.  It was the first time that I had to work it.  I did a 4-H adventure tent where kids could try out new activities and just have fun.

Kayla Koether and I promoted Food and Fitness 4H clubs with the blender bike on Thursday.

 The rest of the time the tent had working exhibits by 4-H members.  Above they are making owl cupcakes.
Here are some of the kids taking part in the Lego Robotics unit I led.  

 And sometimes I just did the photo booth with costumes and speech bubbles.

The best part was I got in free and got free meal tickets.  Link came two days, saw all the animals, played on the playground and even enjoyed a John Michael Montgomery concert with his friend Autumn who he hadn't seen in a year or so. 

Ohio by way of Indianapolis

We went to see the Durbins in Ohio and stopped by the Indianapolis Children's Museum on the way there.  It was big, but not as hands on as I would have liked.  Link had a blast though and was mad he couldn't come back every day.  But boy was he tired.

It was a great weekend with Bryce's family and I left feeling very fulfilled.

 We are huge Dale Chihuly fans so it was great to see one of his giant sculptures at the museum and even cooler to find an activity where kids could make their own Chihuly inspired sculpture.  Of course plastic instead of glass though.

Above: Link in the tree house

Right: Link in Egypt riding on a reptile
 Left: I couldn't pass up the American Gothic replication.

Below: A hand cranked machine in the kid's construction zone.
At the Durbin's the kids had a great time making and decorating a cake and making Pizza with grandma.

 There were a bunch of throw back toys unearthed at the Durbin's that the kids played with.  The periscope above we swear is the inspiration behind Perry.  Link had tons of fun with Uncle Phil.
Right: Link and the Little People village. 

Link's Birthday

Lego Star Wars Theme- May the 4th be with you
We had the party at 10.
 Our first guest was Blair, a new friend from Joan's Day Care.  They played light sabers with some pool noodles I decorated with duct tape.

Then came other friends, including the sun so we moved to the shade where our new swing set is.

We had a few paper masks of Darth Vader that the kids tried on. 

And other kids just played with Darth Tader.
Sam made a Death Star Pinata and I made a death Star Melon.

I also tried to freeze Han is Carbonite Jello.

We had the party on Sweet Corn Day's again so it was followed by a parade and ride.

On Sunday we went to my Mom and Dad's for a family party.  They also made Link a Star Wars cake.  He got a bike and a guitar.  Grandpa also lit off fireworks for the event.