Sunday, August 28, 2011

August Top 10

So, as I said I could hardly blog let along think about anything else, but now things are in motion and all is working out.
Here is my top 10 for the month

1. A great weekend in Rochester, MN with Liz, Lew, Dani, and Todd (plus families).  We went to the lake a couple miles down the road and had a great party with amazing ribs and great beer and karaoke that everyone got in on.

2. The garden is in bloom and we have been eating the produce.  Today we tried our hand at some preserving and made our first batch of spaghetti sauce to freeze.

3. What Not to Wear.  It started with watching a marathon in the hotel room my first night and has continued as I have found full episodes of youtube.  I am getting so much out of my wardrobe by combining things I never have before.  It is fun and I feel really professional.

4.  AmeriCorps Training.  I was in a fabulous hotel with fabulous food and surrounded with a majority of 23-28-year-olds who had no idea that I was older then them and had the same personalities that social justice seeking networkers have.  So everyone was welcoming and caring.

5.  I took an HDR class which I was slightly disappointed with, but then I went home and started messing around with Photoshop and found an HDR aspect so now I can do some of the effect on the senior photos I have been taken recently.  

6. I started my job and I like it.  I am gone a lot, but I like what I do and so far the people I work with.  I have been getting compliments on what I have already accomplished.

7. I went to a Rotary Club meeting and I really enjoyed it.  I am interested in becoming a Rotarian, but it seems slightly pricey and I need to find out a lot more about the organization.

8.  Good Movies.  Bryce and I went to see Captain America which was pretty good.  I also went to see The Help when I was in Chicago at training.  I went with someone who read the book and they said both were great.  I liked the movie so I will probably read the book now.

9.  Sushi with the Hefels.  Baby Coos and Stella included.  I am very much in love with the Playboy maki.

10. Musical practice is started and coming along.  I like the songs I am in and my character is very much like myself so I am excited about it.  We are doing Working which is based off the Studs Terkel book.  My doula, Karin is in the show with me.  I love hanging out with her. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Link's language

Link has recently made up a word that he uses (I think) whenever he doesn't know the word for something. It sounds kind of like "DUN-duh".

He also, for the longest time, has been using this word that sounds like "food fight" every once in a while, and it's the only thing where we have no idea what he's talking about. Usually we can figure out less enunciated words based on context.

Another thing he's been doing this week is repeat a command on either side of addressing someone, e.g., "Help, Superdad, help!" or "Pick it up, Superdad, pick it up!" (Oh yeah and my name is Superdad; we really don't know where that came from but haven't discouraged it. Sometimes he'll say "Supermama" or "SuperAmber" too.)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Week 22

1. Bix Race- 10K + 16 friends all dressed as runaway brides + a water slide = extreme fun

2. Finally allowing myself to get on an anti-depressant (thank you to all who are on them that spoke openly to me about them.  you really helped)

3. new hair.  sort of love hate with the bangs.  probably won't be staying long.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Waiting for the Party

Whenever there is a party, a birthday party, a wedding, a halloween party, I don't want to do anything all day.  In fact I can hardly do anything but think about it.  I get ready to early, often have to plan my arrival so that I am not the first one there if I don't want to be.  The same goes with lots of other transitions in my life.  Yesterday I interviewed for a job as a chamber director, a job that I really want and would do well at.  I also have been accepted into AmeriCorps Vista, a job that I really want and would do well at.  I am weighing the possibilities of taking one over the other, but that is not what is stalling me from doing many other things.  I will do one of them and I will start in two weeks.  I have known this for three weeks now and I can't do anything.  It is a big change in my life.  A 40 hour work week after years of none.  Waking up to an alarm clock again.  Just like an upcoming party I just want it to start.  I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't do small tasks in the house, I can't blog, I can't talk.  I walk in circles and wonder what I should be doing instead of doing anything.  I am a wreck.