Monday, December 22, 2014

Links new attitude

We've been blessed with a pretty well behaved child in Link for a few years now.  At 5 years old he is finally starting to express his desire for boundaries in every way possible.  He argues that kids can make up the house rules too and parents should do what he says.  

Needless to say, Bryce and I have been watching YouTube clips of super nanny and spending lots of time encouraging one another to keep up the good work of being patient, calm, and collected.  Boy is it draining.  

I'm also thinking a little bit more about putting him in kindergarten next year.  I don't want to call kindergarten daycare but at this point in time it's kind of what I am looking at it as.  I want to homeschool but need to work during the day.  Links other option would be daycare and I don't know of any in the area that would take a 6 year old.  It would be good for him to be with some more kids his age.  Plus school is free.  I don't feel like he will learn anything more academically than he already knows.  I hope it will not crush his spirit or joy of learning.  There are a lot of things I am nervous about.  He doesn't like competitive play, he doesn't like getting dirty, he likes to play one on one with others.  If he does go to kindergarten I am not going to look at it as something he needs to be at all the time.  When he needs breaks we will take them.  

My life really feels like a mess right now.  If I was a stay at home mom I feel like it would be less stressful.  But I love my job and don't want to quit.  I also make little money so I don't want Bryce to quit either.  Why didn't I quit six months in when I didn't like it.  

Felix developments

Felix is showing a lot of language development.  He is starting to imitate some signs (though not consistently).  I think I have seen nurse, all done, and bye.

He also is doing a very good job imitating noises, from a scream to a burp to just normal conversation. He loves to sing along to songs and drum.  He often is finding cylindrical things like markers or blocks to drum.  He has long been using a low sound for cars and he also does it for cows mooing and boo.

His socializing is improving.  He has gone from giving everyone eyebrows ( the common reply I got from strangers was "oh, he doesn't like me.") to giving out smiles.  

He understands no pretty well.  He seems to understand he shouldn't be putting everything in his mouth.  Link still doesn't want him around his Legos though.  But while the cats away...

He still holds on while walking around things but he is a fast crawler and can do all the steps very easily.  

He is about 25 lbs, has lots of curly red hair with a double cowlick in the middle that is impossible.  He loves to pinch and feed himself peas, carrots, beans, and puffs.