Saturday, November 30, 2013

So I basically skipped all of November, whoops

Baby Progress:  Movements are large and visible.  I've got one more month to go.  I've lost about 15 lbs.  I was a little concerned at first but my docs are good with it.  I am still trying to do a no carb diet for my gestational diabetes as much as possible.  But I still think I am going to have a big baby.  I have been awful at taking my blood readings.  I've been slightly lazy and on the other hand super productive this month.  I am doing three exercises from spinning babies because my midwife thinks that baby is facing front and wants it to turn around.  Lots of tightenings, hoping this might be a more on time labor (although totally not prepared for it if it is).  I also eating 6 dates each day because of this study that my midwife suggested I read about.  I am actually eating more in the middle of the night than any other time.  She also suggested I eat something when I wake up and can't get back to sleep because it is probably low blood sugar.  So two birds.  I feel great.  Just like my last pregnancy I start with "Why the hell do I ever do this?" sickness, spend my second trimester in a slight depression, and third I do a bi-polar flip and love life.  So everything is grand at the moment.  I still have a hernia or varicose vein in the hoo-haa that hurts a lot.  I still get punches in the crotch.  I still can barely get off the ground, but hey, I'm happy.

Link Progress:  Link picked up his old activity book and I am amazed at how much he did.  Lots of the stuff we had earlier skipped because of difficulty now was easy as pie.  He is mildly excited to be a big brother, but not to helpful around the house (which is bothering me.)  He has grown much more attached to his dad than anyone.  We moved his little toys upstairs so they now spend hours playing legos up there while I work downstairs.  He is still a funny kid.  I love how often he starts sentences with "I'm sorry, but.." and then ends them with something like "I'm still hungry."  He also likes to tell people whole scenerios he wants to play out.  Whenever Bryce is in the bathroom (and I'm sure wanting some privacy) Link will say "How about when you come out you say la, ti, da, di, dah and don't notice me and then you see me and then you say, ahh, link is dead while I lie on the floor."  My friend Paula overheard one of these long winded directions of play the other day and she looked at Bryce and said "At my house, we just play store."  On a sad note, Super Dad is gone.  Link started calling us Dad and Mom.  I really don't want to be called Mom, so when he uses it on me I call him Linky, which he doesn't like.  Bryce however isn't working on bringing back the super.  I guess it ran it's course.

My Progress: Like I mentioned I'm in great spirits, well except for two things.  I've been missing my wallet for three weeks now and it is driving me BONKERS.  I have a credit card that wasn't in the wallet so I am ok with cash and I lost it the day of or after I renewed my license so I got my new one in the mail, and no one is using my cards, but GARRRR.  I have been calling all the places I can think of going in that two day period and it is gone.  And the other thing is that my cats have/had fleas.  They were barely noticeable to the vet.  We used frontline on them and washed everything but I am paranoially itching myself all night long when I sleep and I am worried about a newborn in the home.  One of those things where I might set the house on fire just to get rid of them.

Bryce's Progress: His favorite radio show is ending and he is sad about that, but not much has changed.  I love that man.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Again and Again

And this year I was super excited to have a big baby bump to decorate.

Our first dress-up party was Sadie and Jason's annual grown-up bash.  About two weeks before I thought of doing Gaia and I was able to pull it off pretty well.  Althought the colored hairspray was marked with warnings about flamability so I was a little nervous at the bon-fire.  Bryce wore last year's Green Lantern Costume. 

Link's first was the McGregor Library Haloween Party.  Last year we had left early because of crabiness, but this time Link did great.  He especially loved the "Keep your eye on the jack-o-lantern" game.  I was very proud of him.

On Halloween day we decided to go tot he Elkader Library Party which was very congested and had more advance age games.  The prizes were all ceramic things from Dollar General that were donated, no candy.  Link was a little overwhelmed and thus getting crabby so we left to go trick-or-treating after one game.  He did awesome trick or treating.  Link was Yoda, Bryce was Darth Vader, and I was the Death Star.  Bryce's costume we used a second hand kid's costume.  I cut the front off and safety pinned it to a black shirt of his.  He looked legit.  For mine I just painted a Death Star on a shirt.  It was a big hit.