Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moving and posing

Lincoln learned to crawl at Phil and Teresa's home. He started with knees, then went to lobster crawl, then bear crawl. So he is on the move. Not constantly, but whenever he wants now. This has helped calm his need to be picked up too.

He loves to give kisses and likes having his back blown on. He can blow through a straw and he likes to brush his teeth and spit (we are not using toothpaste).

He has associated sounds with things. One funny one is a really low rumble he gives to cars. We will upload a video when we get home.

To get him to stop crying we often will get out the camera. He likes to ham it up and often gets caught posing in the funniest ways.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Last night I put Lincoln to bed on a mat on the floor in the bedroom. I was so thankful that I opened the door slowly as not to wake the boy because he moved around and must have been trying to get out because he fell asleep with his body by the wall and his head directly in front of the door. An ingenious way to make sure he would get woken up when we entered the room. If I had opened the door quickly I would have knocked his head off.

People say that some kids skip crawling and go right to walking. I am pretty sure Lincoln is skipping crawling and NOT going straight to walking. This is the only thing that bothers me about his development even though I know it is more my problem of impatience when I see his younger friends crawl all over him and walk. He does not show any signs of a disability just lack of desire. We may be growing a couch potato.

Lincoln now has a pretty good grasp on mama, dada, and baby. He also responds to the words "high five" and "kisses" and he likes to put phones and anything that looks like a phone (remote control) up to his ear and say hi.