Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Homeschool updates

We got some great homeschool kits for Christmas.  Link was excited to make this volcano until he realized how messy plaster is.  But he stuck with it and did a great job.  We had fun painting it too.

Paleontologist work was exciting to until e realized how much patience you had to have.  We are still about in the same place.

Also showing a little more interest in piano, now that buddy Zach has shown how fun it can be.

I'm still on the fence about homeschool.  I always imagined living so close to the school Link would be itching to go where all the kids were walking to.  Recently I asked him about his interest and it was the opposite.  He doesn't want to go where all those scary kids are going.  Maybe all the more reason to go?  I don't know.

And we are back

After Christmas Link's lego mini figures suddenly all went on strike.  They left notes promising to return with better behavior and suddenly attitude began to change back around.  Bryce and I supported each other in discipline and Link has returned back to the fun loving, kind soul we knew was down in there.  Most of the mini figures have returned and he doesn't seem to even care about the rest.  Maybe he just had too much.

Milestone birthdays

On the 31 my grandma turned 90.  We threw her a surprise party, took her out for dinner and then had a party at my brothers.

On  we celebrated Felix's first birthday a little early.  We entertained those who were present at Felix's actual arrival.  Trish and family, Sadie and family, and Karin (although she was sick and couldn't attend).  We had traditional good luck food (sauerkraut and pork and black eye pea salsa).  Since the stores were closed and I forgot to make a cake I had to make one from scratch.

On Felix's actual birthday we went and celebrated my aunt Amy's 50th.  They share birthdays.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Christmas 2014

A handcrafted barn from etsy was our biggest splurge.
We don't usually give Santa gifts, but this year link heard a lot of "what did Santa give you?" And was wondering.  I was conflicted not wanting to reject any magic of the season, but not really enjoying the creepiness of modern day Santa.  (We do celebrate the legend of st. Nick).  I told him in response he can say anything he got because everyone gives in the spirit of st. Nick.

No tree this year, but we did get some decor up.

In Iowa we did a white elephant Christmas at Dustin and vahidas before we went to Kentucky.

Christmas at Papas usually means endless showing of The Christmas Story.

We stayed at Laura's.  We hadn't seen them her since before she and Bryce's uncle got divorced so it was a little different, but still good times.

I always like to get out of the house a little to drive through the trail of lights.

This year the weather was warm in Paducah.

Uncle John had added a game room to the garage.

Felix met papa for the first time.  He wasn't feeling well but I asked a ton of questions and he shared lots of stories.  We heard he went to the hospital the day after we left.

We swug around to see the Marshalls in Cincinnati.  It had been 6 years since we all were together and our families had all substantially grown.

Since we were over that way anyway we went up to Columbus to meet up with Phil and Teresa and the girls.  There was a lego exhibit at the art museum replicating the city.  We also did a little pre birthday celebration with Felix.