Wednesday, June 23, 2010

His own signs

Link has always rubbed his eyes when he is tired, but I recently noticed a new sign he makes. From observation he has started to pant like a dog whenever he sees a dog. Today when he saw a sculpture of a dog he began to pant. Last night when Bryce left the room he said "Dah day" which he has said before and we could never tell if he associated it with Bryce or not. The same goes for mama because he says the words in babble and never looks at what he wants. So, when he said "Dah day" I decided to test him a little. And listen to this. I said "Dah day? Where is Daddy?" He stuck out his pointed finger and pointed to the door where dad had just left. I was so excited I praised him and then said "Where is Mama?" He pointed right at my face and then made two kissy noises! Wow, not only did he know exactly who I was talking about I even learned he used the kissy noises to mean me. Once I though about it, I am the only one who does give him an overabundance of kisses. I have tried to get him to repeat the pointing about 10 times throughout the night and he has yet to repeat it. So not sure if it was a moment of clarity, he is being rebellious, or it was a sheer accident.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Second word

Bye. He is liking the B's

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I found a way to eat yogurt

I hate yogurt. Besides reminding me of high school dieting, it also has a weird texture to me and an acidic smell. This is not a big problem except that I am a Candida sufferer and yogurt is usually the first thing you are recommended to eat.

So this week in an attempt to use the rotten bananas in the house (another thing I don't eat much of) I made a smoothie with some strawberries and then again with some pineapple. I love it. Making a smoothie totally takes out the texture of eating mayo or some other kind of dip. It also smells so yummy.

This may sound silly but I know several people who don't like cooked carrots but it raw carrots in a heartbeat.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun and Games

If it counts, Link's first word is "boo" which he says while playing peek-a-boo.
He also likes to make kissing sounds after I kiss him.
When I roll my tongue he laughs or smiles and tries to do it himself. Still not there yet.
Today I noticed when he hears peoples voices in the distance, like outside or in another room he shouts babble out.
Link noticed his shadow today while we were taking a walk and waved to it almost the whole way.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Growing up

One of the biggest issues I have had with Link is separation anxiety. As long as I am right there with him he seems like one of the most perfect kids. I take 3-5 steps away (I counted) he goes bizerk. Although I love that he loves me, I want to go to the bathroom alone sometimes. I heard that it is an evolutionary technique. Just when they start to wander, they start to cling. Thus no one wanders too far. Well, I was believing that for a while but my kid wasn't wandering.

Jump to this past week. Link is moving a lot more. Lots of belly sliding (without the cereal trail) and pulling up and cruising. And now that he is moving he is starting to lose the money grip. Let's hope. Recent examples include:
Sunday when we went to my parents to play croquet, grill out, etc. I got to play an entire game without holding him and Grandpa even went off with Link for a little while with no complaint. Thursday when we went to a gathering of IT people in Northeast Iowa. We left Link with Melissa Awad (not sure if she took Peter's last name) and he played with their kids Windsor and Summit from 6-8. Well he "played" until 8:10 when he finally broke down (most likely tired) and we came home at 8. The last time Link really hung out with the Awads was November.
Friday- I tried walking out of rooms without him and he has been occupied enough with his surroundings to not notice for a few mintes.
Saturday- Went to Sam's birthday party and he immediately let Trish hold him, even though he had his "what is going on" face for a good hour or so. He also played with Sam.
So big strides.
Other fun facts- Link devoured his first plum. I had to rescue the pit from his juicy hands.
He loves being in a clothes basket and practicing standing.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Adobe Suite Share

Does anyone know if the latest Adobe Suite has 3 installations. For some reason I am thinking that is what is standard. If so, are there two people out there who want to share with me to get the latest version?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another attempt at the Frugal Life

Ok, so you know I am following these blogs. But how is the shopping and savings going? I'm doing well with signing up for free samples. Got a netti pot, chips, coffee, and contact solution all in the mail. Shopping in person is another story. Here are my positives and negatives of my trip today.

- The drive to Waterloo (where the stores with deals are) is 1.5 hours. Am I just making it all up in gas?
+ Kwik Star Card gives me ¢ back for just using it. We get an $8- $10 check in the mail each month
+ Used Kwik Star Coupon to get free bananas
- Tried to do the free Lime Aid at Taco Bell, needed the coupon which I didn't print. I didn't know I would try until I got there. I think a smart phone with coupons (and a printer) would work for me, but is investing in a smart phone payment plane and 3G worth it? I can already answer no.
+ Did see Taco Bell is now having $2 combo meals. Instead of the gallon of soda and tacos on the side you get with their regular meals, you get a Medium Soda (much better) and Doritos with your order.
+ Went to Menards and price bathroom stuff. Got a free mop with a Kwik Star coupon. Bought a hand saw and two pair of pliers, all with mail in rebate. Got a trowel off the clearance rack. Bought a massive box of baby wipes there, on sale for $6.
- Was going to use the rebate check I got from my last trip to buy a fire extinguisher. I bought the extinguisher, but forgot about the check in my bag. Possibly due to my crying child at check out. Shopping without kids will be easier. I need to pump more.
+ Went to Goodwill. Came out with $10 spent on several large glass jars with lids I am planning to use at the co-op for flour and grains and such.
- Went to Home Depot and didn't see any deals. Their clearance section stunk.
- Went to Walmart and couldn't find the two grocery items I have FREE coupons for. Free jar of mayo and free mac and cheese. NOT EVEN AT WALMART? What gives. Also couldn't find their clearance section.
+Went to Old Navy and found double discounted boxers for Bryce. Used a $10 reward card from Bryce's credit card (We only have 3 store credit cards, Kwik Star, Old Navy, and Lane Bryant).
- I didn't have Bryce's card which was needed for the card. I had to call him using their phone (forgot mine) and have him give his social security in order to get the discount.
- Went to Starbucks during Happy Hour for a Frappuccinos. They are no longer doing the deal.
+ Took my Mom out for a retirement dinner at Cu in Waterloo. Used a gift certificate. We had excellent meals with the end total equaling a little over $15.

Co-Sleeping with a Crawling, Colicky Baby

Ok, he isn't quite crawling yet, just belly sliding.
Ok, he isn't really colicky, my apologies to those out there with a real colicky child.
But, co-sleeping is getting harder. We usually put Link to sleep first and then work a few hours. Now that he is crawling we often hear a small thump (mattresses are on the floor) or we hear a cry to find him half in bed, half on the floor. I'm not sure how to get Link in the crib being that I always nurse him lying down to get him to sleep and don't move him. If I really needed to I think I could probably devote a few days to trying. I'm not even sure how to lower the thing though and he already knows how to pull himself up. The crib we have is from a daycare that went under so no instructions were provided.
Monday night was our first all nighter. Lincoln caught a small cold. He would wake up in a tantrum because of not being able to breath from snot. The only way I could get him to sleep was holding him up while he rested his head on my shoulder. Great, except I can't sleep sitting up. But, I knew someone who does. I got Bryce down into the recliner and Link sleeping on his chest, after about 1 hour. The next day Bryce asks "How did I end up sleeping on the recliner with Link?"
Mini-tantrums over the last couple of days. Is this because he is sick or a new phase when they start to get mobile? Up until this week, I could have easily had another child. Now, I couldn't see myself being able to handle two of these at the same time.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Follow the Stars

Link is belly crawling. At least as long as I make a trail of star cereal for him to follow. He eats one and then is on the the next.

Yesterday I was changing his diaper and he rolled to his belly. The next thing I knew I was catching a solid mass that was growing upward from the boys bum.

Today I went to garage sales and got another great load of stuff . I actually set an alarm to wake up early and get in on the goods. I can't believe how much my love for them is growing. I was enjoying the tables with many Amish women. One of the young girls had her baby in a baby bjorn, which made me chuckle.

Here is a list of the goods:
1. vintage high chair to match our dinning room chairs
2. golf clubs and bag, baby walker
3. baby ride on fire truck
4. cube trays with covers for baby food
5. box of picture frames
6. 2 toddler wood chairs
7. rear view mirror suction (to see Lincoln)
8. Sears Baby Book- so I can return the one I am borrowing
9. Little Miss Matched Sock Monster
10. wood house shutters

The sales are tomorrow too. I am debating going back for a $25 bike. Although in immaculate condition, it is hard for me to spend anything over $10 once I am in the groove. (Yes, nothing in this list cost over $10).