Tuesday, September 29, 2009

brains and brawn

the week 9 growth spurt went well. but i think most of it went to his head. my smart boy went from yesterday being placed on the floor gym and smiling at the dangling animals to today feeling each one and playing with them. no missed swatting was ever witnessed. tomorrow we suspect he will be using them like percussion instruments, paying along with the music.

it is getting really cold outside now. we are getting ready for halloween traditions with link.

i don't really capitalize anymore because i type everything with one hand while i am nursing. link will nurse after getting out of bed like he never nursed right before getting out of bed. he is turning into my father who says "Man, I'm hungry, I haven't eaten all day." I say "Didn't I see you eat a hamburger." He says "I ate 5 of them, but that was just snaking." and he wonders where he belly came from.

strange package in the mail today. a beautiful photo of elephants and blocks from s jennifer potter of nyc. i think it might be a gift since it says thank you for your etsy purchase and i know i didn't purchase anything from etsy recently. despite the fact that it matches Link's things perfectly and I LOVE it. but the weird thing is she wrote "Hope to see you again." I am pretty sure I don't know her.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Things I didn't post about but wanted too:

1. Last Sunday went to Shell Rock to Lee and Randy's house for a homemade McDonald's meal. Broke down just outside of town on the way home. Spent the hour waiting for my mom to come get us at Patches house with her two kids.

2. Spent the evening with Sadie and Stella at our house while Jason and Bryce went to Inglorious Bastards. Now Bryce has a mustache. He always likes to match Brad Pitt in style.

3. Got a new car seat for Link thanks to a couple of gift cards at the shower.

4. Spent this weekend taking senior pictures. This year is my year of boys.

5. Went out to dinner with parents, Dustin and Diana, and Linda at Scheras. Diana can now making farting noises with her tongue. I have a great video of her and aunt Linda doing it, unfortunately I taped most of it on vertical. Dustin was super nice.

6. After taking Trent's photos today we ate Stromboli with the family. Saw great interaction with Amy and her kids. Little Izabell wanted to know why I let my baby bite on my boobs. Link really likes Amy and Lee.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

[Untitled Track]

Sometimes I feel like there's music I can't listen to very much anymore, because it just doesn't fit the context of being with Shannon and Link. Interpol, for example, just doesn't work. But there's an ambient album (Pop) I've liked for years by a band called Gas that I'm playing right this moment, and it is perfect for giving sleepy Link that extra push into Dreamland.

Creative Soul

I have a basic website up for my spiritual direction. www.birthyourcreativesoul.com. Take a look at it and let me know what you think. Is the font to hard to read on the home page?

I am excited to launch the new site and hopefully attain some clients over this next year. Thus far my internship has not been very fulfilling in "in-person" sessions, although I am loving my phone sessions. I am gathering some ideas on how to grow the face to face aspect. Hopefully this added creativity work will be a draw.

One thing that bothers me about finding clients is the same thing that bothers me about most of my life I guess, I am always in the middle. Christians think it is too New Age, Spiritualists think it is too Christian. I know a Morman girl in town who would be awesome and is going through some hard times. She was a student of mine and she actually did this type of work with me in class, but because it is a different context she thinks it is something different. I think she assumes I will try to get her to change religions or doubt her faith. I think people with often criticized faiths are super protective of them. They can try to convert, but they can't explore their own faith out of fear.

One great thing about being a Spiritual Companion is that it doesn't matter what I believe, I just have to be a great listener and supportive of whatever is helpful to the soul of the individual. I guess psychiatrists are the same way. So I can really help anyone on their spiritual journey.

This is good because I see a Spiritual Director myself and my own beliefs are not set in stone. While some think that is not good, I think it is a part of the spiritual journey, which never ends. I read somewhere that religion is belief, spirituality is experience. I like that.

I was reading through some more shaman stuff tonight. That is what has me up at 2 am (not my child) and I was thinking about the belief in ancestors and reincarnation. I am not sure I am a believer in past lives, but I do believe in our connection to our ancestors. As our dna is passed down so may pieces of our soul weave and create anew in a way that is beautiful and possibly brings up strong ancestral connections. I do believe in Creator-based evaluation so far back that pieces of us are part of the star that blew up to create earth. (The Creator of course creating everything before it which created star that we are not even aware of.)
What I am contemplating tonight is my love for the age of the hippies. It wasn't too long ago. If I wasn't a hippie in a past life than the dna I have from the 1960s and 70s was that of my parents or grandparents and they were not the same hippies that I feel so connected to. Can I be living with a piece of their souls that did not manifest itself or was ignored? Or maybe it is just there in other form. My parents may not have joined a commune but they did stay within a radius of their family, they didn't grow self-sustaining food, but they did farm.
I don't have to complete this thought tonight (or this morning), but I do want to contemplate it a while. The shaman book has a lot to do with connecting to past ancestors and learning as well as experiencing healing and healing their unhealed wounds.
I also wonder what Link's soul is like.

Friday, September 25, 2009

It takes a Village

I have so many friends going through awful times, a break up, a job loss and denied medical insurance, a husband arrested and put into jail and being refused his stroke preventative medication while watching his blood pressure increase dramatically (and he a very Christian dude).
So I was thinking about my own life and wishing I could take some of their pain on, because even though I don't feel like I really have any friends who would drop everything and come pick me up if my car stalled on the side of the road (my own parents didn't even want to come get us this weekend when it actually happened) I do have amazing family and friends who love us and support us in their own ways.
Thus far, raising Link has been so easy, mostly because of being so well cared for. So I would like to take a moment to thank you all. In particular those of you who are parents. I would not be able to stop if I mentioned everyone (Debbie, Jazz, Amber, Etc) so this is for the moms and dads.

Betsy and Jim- cloth diapers galore, inspiration for home birth, support in nursing and diapering and attachment parenting

Ted, Lorri- the best clothing a little boy could want all at the right size and season, AND for being the best secret holder and support during the first months. Many don't know Lorri was the first to know of Lincoln's appearance.

Phil, Teresa- diapers and wipes, great books, vaccine info, first hand experience with a newborn and thus their equipment (from our experience with Naomi we are big fans of baby wearing, dr. sears, and don't fear taking our newborn to the movies)

Rozann and Bill- after birth support, free babysitting, great compliments about our little guy and our parenting skills

Dustin and Vahida- lots of girls clothing (maybe next time), the opportunity to see a replica of myself as a child in my niece, sweet garage sale finds (swing, bouncer, car seat) and breast pump

Trish and Richard- being not afraid to say "I am ok with just one child," being there for me to cry about my birth and not saying "at least he is healthy," being inspiration for home birth, for coming to our house several times with food and cleaning up, FOR FINDING US OUR MIDWIVES, for borrowed books

Leslie and Adam- food, food, food (all iron rich vegetarian dishes from the garden), the best breastfeeding advice in the world, co-sleeping support, the best stroller and diaper bag, slings, borrowed books, knitted sweaters and knitting help, willing to drop in any day we call

Marge and John- being ok with having just one child, support during conception time "Wait for the right soul to choose you", being the Third person to know about Link and keep it a secret despite seeing my mom on a regular basis, cookies during a baby visit

Larry and Andrea- $50 spending spree for baby goods, a massage that brought me back to life, freezer food, a baby shower (add Dani and Todd, Liz and Lewis, and Amanda and Chuck to this)

Baby group (Brenda and Muawi, Moira and Jamie, Sadie and Jason, Scott and Lisa, Melissa and Peter, Ben and Katia, Aaron and Jenna)- friendship, support in home birth, great food, support after birth, lots of babies for Link to grow up with

I guess I could go even further with just parents (Trisha and Tim- photos, Michelle and Tom- photos, Amy and John- clothes, Jen and TJ-blog, etc) but I need to stop before this gets too long. So thank you to all the parents out there who helped as well, even if you didn't know you did.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The biggest kid on the block

So I think Link is the biggest kid on the block, but at his age it is perfect because that equals the happiest kid. His extra layers let him sleep all night, keep him smiling, etc. He is a joy.

In other news he has found the joy of sucking his hand, sometimes just the thumb. He also has become a slobbery baby who drools and blows little bubbles. This doesn't mean teeth does it?

Monday, September 21, 2009

baby clothes

As you know our house has enough baby clothes that I could have had quadruplet boys and been fine (and more is coming tomorrow). I have trouble saying no, but I really don't want to. When you have that much clothing coming in you get to be picky. Link will use about 3 outfits at the max per day. There is no way he could wear everything that came in and the outfits I really like I want to have him wear more than once. So, I have a big box to give away. Hopefully there will be a swap or jubilee sometime and I can bring the box.

The things in my toss box are usually these things-
items with commercial characters on them (Pooh and Mickey, with one exception- Suess)
hats- Link's hair is too beautiful to cover up (and he sweats)
shoes- I didn't realize until after I had a child how no baby really ever uses these
bibs- I am assuming they come in handy when you get to solids, but no use yet.
items that are short and wide- Either some clothing companies have never seen a baby or I am blind to all the short torso / extra fat babies.
items that are too male- heavy on the sports and transportation. I think baby companies think all little baby boys want to grow up to be sailors or construction workers.
items that are blue- I think I keep about the same number of blue clothes as other colors which leave a large remainder of blue.
items that are too cutesy- Right away I thought Link looked off in his nightgown with little tiny ducks all over it. As he gets bigger I must be thinking he is turning into an adult because almost all the 12 month old outfits with teddy bears on them went in the box.

Besides receiving blankets, hats, and shoes (all of which I have deemed practically useless) I also am wondering why diapers have characters on them. Bryce says advertising. I think too waste ink. Would anyone mind changing a plain white disposable diaper? Or even the tan like color before they are bleached?


My brown splotches are almost all gone. Link breaks out of his swaddle now like a butterfly from a cucoon. We went to visit Lee and Randy yesterday and the Lumina broke down again (it does every time we travel more than 1 hour away). My Dad says it is from just sitting and never being driven far by my grandma. Cars display adaptation too.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

baby shower by land

Jasmine threw me an awesome baby shower by mail before Link was born. Liz threw me a land shower today. It was a great little get together but not really a party for Link. It not very well attended (invites were a little late going out) including the host. Poor Liz has a son with Swine Flu, so we all were sad but were glad she decided to stay home with her little guy. A few of my old neighbors in their 70s and 80s came and that was about it. Amanda was there with her latest, Olivia, who was born in August. Dani and her kids were there too. We didn't end up playing any of the games. (I think they were hoping for a bit of a younger crowd.) I had been waiting on getting some things from the baby registry so there would be items of all price range. I even went to Walmart to register because my mom complained that Target is too expensive and that most of the stuff is online only. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone even opened either registry because Link got a bunch of clothes he can't wear and disposable diapers. I think people were all thinking the same thing when they met Link "Crap, my outfit is too small," because they all said the same thing, "Wow, he's a big boy, what size is he wearing now?" My favorite gift was from Amanda which were something I never thoughts of buying but are awesome, glass baby bottles. We also had cute invites, great decorations (Lincoln Logs and Green balloons with marker to look like Olives, but looked like Witches boobs tapped all over) and the food was phenominal as always. They didn't know how many to expect so they made a bunch, but that means good eating for us all week. We all had a nice time, now I just need to find some storage space or meet someone having a baby boy.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Vaccines and Lullabyes

Yesterday was Link's 8 week appointment. We decided to get the pertussis shot, which only comes as a combo so he also is tetanus and diphtheria protected. Link was so happy until the needle went in, then he screamed louder than he ever has. I nursed him right away after that. Dr. Schwartz said he is in the 98% for weight, height, and head circumference. He is still 14 lbs so three weeks ago when he reached this I bet he was nearly 100%. Beforehand we had used one of our coupons from the hospital for a mom's eat free meal. I split a Monte Christos with Bryce. He had never had one and even though he liked it he said that may be all he needed for life. The heaviness of it all gets to you.

Today I went and got the recommended meds for our conditions. Link got selson blue, which I just used and his cradle cap practically melted away. I ended up with a yeast cream used for vaginal yeast that i am suppose to apply in my breasts. It is working pretty well but it is a little scary since I have to wash it off before nursing. The box says don't take orally, the doc says it will do no harm. The only thing would be a taste problem for Link, but he also thought that wouldn't be a problem for this little "freight train." He was right. Link doesn't care one bit.

Also this week I started singing to Link to help him settle around a nap time. I didn't know what to sing so I sang Do-Re-Mi, which my mom used to sing to me. I wanted something more personal for Link and I so today I was randomly listening to the Beattles and picked out a great one. Golden Slumbers. My favorite line being "Smiles await you when you rise." I love it and it is in a key that works well for me, except "Homeward" is a little low.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Line Dry

Bryce and I are now about 89% cloth diapering it. We use disposables overnight and in the diaper bag for outings. We line dry all our diapers which got us thinking about line drying our clothes. So now we are making sure to line dry at least one load of laundry every laundry day. I can not believe how amazing the sun is at getting out stains. We also have been using soap nuts instead of detergent and they are amazing too. Wow, who knew that nature could provide.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meeting Stella

Today the fam went to visit two week old Stella, who was half as much as Link and is adorable beyond words. We also catered to them with sushi, seaweed salad, brownies and ice cream. They were very pleased. It was great to talk about all sorts of new parent things. Jason and Sadie are one of my favorite couples.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shannon, Emmaly, Amy and spawn

Between my last post and now I

Between my last post and now I rode to Des Moines (actually Caroll, IA) with my parents, sister, and Link. Photographed my brother's marriage. Saved a cake from being smashed and melting with my sister. Helped my husband play DJ and watched him be a groomsmen. Rode with my parents back to their place. Slept almost an entire day. Had a massage with Larry. Set up a new window display at the Art Center. Talked with visiting friends Emmaly Fenton and Amy Yelden, both bringing their boys who are one day older than Link and a couple weeks older than Link. And went to Julie and Julia which I had been patiently waiting for to come to the Elkader theater. Link was awesome the whole way through. And listened to two collect calls on my answering machine from an inmate who obviously did not remember his girlfriend's phone number. Pictures of the wedding will be on Flickr soon. As the photographer I don't like to release everything before I give them their prints.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Repeat after me

I think some people are aware that if you stick your tongue out at a baby they will stick their tongue back out at you. Link loves doing this, especially with Grammy, whose tongue is much longer than moms. He also loves playing "O" with me. When I say "O" to him and make my mouth in the shape of an O he smiles and repeats me after thinking about how to do it a little bit. He especially likes it when I go really deep with my "o."

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Primitive Souls

As part of my spiritual direction plan I would like to incorporate create methods like art, music, dance, etc. So, as a first step I decided to visit an art therapist. Most art therapy that I know of is in major cities but I found one only a couple hours away in Monroe, WI called Primitive Soul with therapist Jennifer Edge. The family headed out yesterday for an appointment I had with her. It was a great session. I learned a lot about her practice and put emotions into art rather than words as I created a house (A project I definitely want to incorporate) and a heart thingy. The appointment was 2.5 hours and a hungry little Lincoln awaited me when I was done as well as a worn out baby daddy.

On our way home we stopped at Sinsanawa so Bryce could see the facility where I had been having retreats prior to the last one. I showed him my favorite spots, the giant auditorium and stage, the round church with beautiful stain glass, the hallway of art, the hallway of windows, and the labyrinth. I had walked this labyrinth every trimester with Lincoln and so I walked it again with him. He loved it and remembered it. Since we will not be having anymore retreats at the center he will have to return other times to walk it again.

On the way there we stopped by Sadie and Jason's in Guttenberg with a load of food. The last full moon had brought Stella into the world. They had a beautiful birth in their new tub.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Old Soul

One of the first things our midwife said was "Look at those old soul eyes, he has been places before." Not everyone is attuned but several people can see that old soul in Lincoln, which is very present. I am so glad he came to join us and I can not wait for what he has to teach us.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Flickr Account

Go to my flickr account by clicking on the photos to see cute videos like this one.

Carrot Top in a Sweet Pea Top eating Tomatoes

red, originally uploaded by Shannon Marye.

Today Link, Bryce and I went to Seed Savers to the heirloom tomato tasting event (which was free). We ran into Jenna and Lindsey, the last two of our baby group who had yet to meet Link. Link was pretty good but the hour wait in the hot sun got a little much for him and we spent most of the time inside while dad battled the heat and kept our spot in line. Needless to say we did not do the salsa tasting line. Link starting crying while outside and when I brought him in he was a siren. I walked straight back tot he bathrooms and everyone cleared the way for us. Later while sleeping no one would move out of the crowded shop. I met the person who got the job I applied for at Seed Savers Editor position. I like when I meet people who have my position and I say to myself "I would have hired them first too." It makes me feel better about not getting it. This guy owned newspapers and has tons of experience. I still would love to work there someday, maybe.
Yesterday we all went to Schera's when Bryce started work and I gathered signatures to run for City Council. I got the Harstads, the Gibneys, Kevin Lau, all the people who work at Scheras, and everyone in my knitting group. So I am good to go. I stayed extra as I was invited to peoples tables to join them in conversation. It was so gorgeous out it was hard not to leave the patio. I stayed during The Gibbons meal and part of Carolyn Corbin's. Carolyn's little ones Asha and Victor and their friend Rex all loved Link. They petted him, asked to hold him, loved him up and then went to play hide and seek around the billiard table. They are very cute.
All these great adventures failed to be captures on camera because when you are flying solo with a little one you have no extra hands. (And we just forgot it in the car at Seed Savers).

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blog Updates

I have put to bed my other blog because I am rarely using it. I'll still rant on this one about personal issues for anyone who likes to listen, but everything is mostly family related now. So I brought over the flickr photos as well and made a new 101 to do in 1001.

hungry like a lion

i need low rise jeans, originally uploaded by Shannon Marye.

I didn't think that I was really craving anything while I was pregnant, but I notice now things I ate more of or enjoyed more while I was pregnant compared to now. Now that I am breastfeeding I have more cravings and more hunger than while I was pregnant. Even pickles. I have been loving ham and cream cheese rolled around pickles. YUM YUM. The best part is, I am losing weight at the same time I am feasting. When Link was born I immediately dropped to my before pregnancy weight and now I am 10+ lbs lighter. I can't believe my lucky stars. Being pregnant was the diet I needed all along.
I purchased a bunch of nursing shirts from Old Navy (a new online only apparel line) for $5-$10. If I don't loose too much weight (which I probably wont) I should be set for the next few years. I bought a bunch of pregnancy shirts from Old Navy all at the same time at the beginning of my pregnancy and I still love them. I want to continue wearing them but they are shaped to make me look more pregnant which is not what I want now. It is a little odd shopping with another person in my mind. I have worn three already and they work great. I am going to keep wearing my lower cut shirts as I can easily pull them down, but the maternity shirts hide a little more. So far I have nursed at the Opera House, in the park, in the car, at the fair, etc. If someone in the county does not know what my breasts look like, they do not get out much.
Lincoln also has too big pants, but we are hoping he will grow into them. Why don't they make baby low rise?

elmer's glue

Ever since Link was 2 days old he came up with this ingenious way of mixing milk and snot in his nose to make elmer's glue. If only I knew how to bottle it he would have enough for his first day of school.

I'm amazing

Today I found out I have yeast in my nipples and probably have for a month. Why am I amazing? Because it has hurt like hell for the last month and I am still breastfeeding. I guess I didn't make my point loud enough for my breast feeding helpers to know what was going on. I kept telling them I was really sore, but I should have said "My nipples are fucking on fire every second of the day, even the bras I wear rub against them and I want to cut my breasts off (three cheers for St. Agatha)." However help is on the way.

I am also amazing because I taught myself how to hand express my milk and not only am I faster at doing it this way, I can get more in one sitting. I filled a whole (4 oz) bottle on my first try. This is awesome as it also is saving my nipples from more pain with the hand or electric pump.

Links been a star today. The early morning walk might be just the right thing. He has slept a lot today and played so nicely. Unfortunately he and I both feel asleep so nicely at 2:30 that we slept through the first showing of "16 to Life," the first, possibly only, movie preview we will get in our little town because the film was shot nearby and includes some locals in the background. The only famous people I know in it are Carson from Queer Eye and the main actress is the red headed syphilis nurse from Grey's Anatomy. I may go to the Opera House showing of it later tonight, but I was hoping for the theater because I could be less conspicuous leaving or trying to hush a crying baby. Plus the first one is free and the Opera House costs money because the actors are going to be there talking, which I probably won't stay for anyway.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

bad taste in my mouth

If we decide to have another kid I was trying to think of a way to not make my mom unhappy by not wanting her to be there again. Behold! The answer is Link. I will need someone to care for him. She would be great at that.

I think I should rename this blog Shannon and her breasts, because I feel like everything I talk about is breastfeeding, but it is so life consuming. I have been noticing something this week. I am tasting a funny taste in my mouth whenever I am feeding Link. I am wondering if anyone else gets this or know of anyone. Probably not with my limited amount of readers. I also can taste blood in my mouth and often get a bloody nose the day before I menstrate and I have only found one other person that does that (oddly enough another Shannon).