Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week 19-21: Top 10

1. Re-discovering a park and waterfront in Elkader

2. Black raspberry picking at the farm

3. Durbin family get together in Ohio
 (Link's hair looks so Amish in this picture.)

4. Welcoming Coos Hefel to Sadie and Jason and Stella's family

5. A goodbye to friend Denny Eilers

6. Link's Dr. Suess Second Birthday party

7. BLT's with the neighbors (enjoying our garden produce)

8. Watching the world cup in women's soccer

9. Putting diapers and changing table in the attic

10. Date with Bryce to see the last Harry Potter movie

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week 18: Top 10

1. Party at Delhi with the Giuntas

2.  Cleaning the car with the family

3. Putting up shutters on the house

4. My own personal fail blog material delivered to my doorstep

5. Last minute applying for an Americorps position and getting it

6. The Wire (finished the last episode of the entire season and I wasn't disappointed)

7. Link has decided he know longer needs diapers!

8. Fresh lettuce from the garden

9. Arlington Days with the Beatty Family and Friends.

10. Sadie's Blessingway