Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shows and Closes

Bryce and I went to Des Moines to see Fleetwood Mac on Wednesday.  AMAZING 3 HOUR SHOW, non-stop.

We took Link to the Edgewood Rodeo on Friday.  There was a cold wind that Link couldn't get over.  Then we got him cotton candy and he said it warmed him up. ;)  I'm not sure how into the show he was though.

I decided to close Whimsy Market.  It has been a really hard decision, but I am so overscheduled right now I can barley keep my head above water.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fan Fucking Tastic

Link's new favorite word.
Bryce and I were watching a documentary with lots of F-bombs.
I told Bryce he wouldn't pick it up unless it was emphasized.
What word was repeated three times in a row at one point? "Fan Fucking Tastic."
The worst part is we totally meant to ignore it, but when so happily said like that it is so hard not to laugh.
Let's hope it fade away quickly.

Link at the pool

I took link to the pool today and he had a blast.  We went to the kiddie pool first and I'm not sure if he had any memories of last year.  We headed straight for the deep end and he danced and played with a pool noodle for about an hour.  Then we went to the big pool and lots of his friends were there.  He walked all the way until he was neck deep.  He had a blast, minus 10 minutes of screaming when he received his first bee sting.  He was grabbing the gutter area to pull himself up and must have put his hand right on a bee.  He screamed and I saw a dead bee floating in the pool and a giant stinger still in his hand.  He cried about it for a while and then we went and got an ice cream taco and everything was again right in the world.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Under the moon

Today Bryce grilled out and Link suggested we eat outside. 

Afterwards we planted the almond tree, blueberry bush, and lavender bush that have been dying in our kitchen for a few weeks.  Here's hope that fresh wet dirt will help them out.

Link noticed lightning bugs for the first time and we taught him how to catch them.  He mostly just ran around yelling at them and laughing. 

All under the great big beautiful moon.

Friday, June 21, 2013

First Trimester Posts

Week 17:  Test.  That would be pregnancy test being positive.  I was sitting at the table with my husband and said "Man, my boobs really hurt, but I took a pregnancy test two days ago and it was negative.  So I went to the bathroom and shouted out "well, this one says positive."  So much for a surprise. 

Week 18: Stopped in to talk to my midwife Brenda and let her know I was pregnant.  She in the process thanked me for the referral.  I was surprised to find out however, it was someone who I did not refer because I did not know they were pregnant, but I have been talking to them a lot about home birth lately.  So excited to be birth buddies with Cheri and Jonathan!

Week 19: Lots of the same symptoms as Link's pregnancy.  Exhaustion, bloating, frequent urination.  Sore boobs is a new one for me.  I haven't felt any nausea yet, but food issues are starting.  I cooked myself some bacon for breakfast and ended up spitting it all out.  A lot of sweets are too sweet.  Feels like I have a piece of food stuck in the back of my throat at all times. 

Week 20: Bad week.  Bleeding began.  I assumed that I will lose the baby.  I went to the doctors for a rhogam shot and he was more positive about things.  Telling me since I had a miscarriage before I am on pins and needles, but blood doesn't always mean miscarriage.  Still, I am concerned.  I had an blood and Titers test as well and go in on Monday (my birthday, can't wait) to see if babe is still here.

Week 21: Lots of upset stomach and tiredness, but only had one sickness.  Craving seems to be apples.  I'm taking whole food prenatal vitamins which I like.  Celebrated mother's day and my birthday.

Week 22: Lots of graduation parties.  I'm exhausted.  I'm thinking of quitting a job or closing Whimsy Market.  I'm so confused, but I know I am working beyond what I can handle right now.

Week 23: Agnes' last week with us.  So sad.  We had her take photos of our feet for our birth announcement.  She was really good at keeping the secret even from her parents, who Link broke the news to when he drew a picture of a baby with an umbilical chord and said "This is the baby in mama's belly."

Week 24:  My birth team is now aware of the baby as I talked with Karin while our kids were at dance camp together.  And I talked with Trish at Sam's birthday party.

Week 25: Ahh, more spotting.  I had a nightmare I would lose the baby at 4-H camp so when I saw a pretty good amount while at camp I shot out of there.  I spent the rest of day in bed and talked with Brenda again.  She suggested a visit to Dr. Schwartz again.

Week 26:  Went to see Dr. Schwartz.  He found the heartbeat and said my favorite words "healthy pregnancy."  He talked about possible reasons for spotting that seemed reasonable.  He kept teasing about finding the second heartbeat though.  I felt confident enough after that appointment to announce.