Wednesday, October 14, 2015


In August we bought Karen Ito from Japan home to live with us.  She is fantastic.  She loves playing with the kids and hanging out with the family.  She also is her own person at school.  She has lots of friends, even those that don't hang out together.  She has more difficulty with English then the other students and it is sometimes a struggle to keep her grades up, but she is very studious and works very hard.  My favorite moments with her have been late night campfires where she and the boys play hide and seek in the dark and thrift shopping- she bought gorgeous homecoming dress at goodwill for $3.

Karen has taught us how to count to 10 I Japanese but hasn't talked much about her country.  In fact she doesn't even communicate with her family out of fear she will be homesick.  I'm worried about this but it seems to work for her.  Our biggest surprise has been her American appetite.  She is a size 1 and can eat three or four helpings of food.  She loves Everything unhealthy and refers McDonald's over our favorite restaurants.  Everyday she brings her own lunch to school of a Nutella sandwich, chips, and not sure what else.  

She has been a breath of fresh air for our family who has felt stress I entertaining our family at the same time errands need to get done, etc.  I wish she could stay forever.

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