Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Link and the school age drama

Parenting is hard.  Emotions are hard.

Link has been having a hell of a time being the awesome kid he is around others. 
Today he told me at robotics camp recess he let everyone know that he needed them to wait for him to climb the ladder.  Then he told me they laughed and made fun of him for being scared and sliding on his belly.  Ugg, heart ache.  I knew he stopped playing and was cranky, but he never tells me the real story until weeks later.  Well, today we went to the ladder and practiced climbing until it wasn't scary and I told him how much I admire him for not making fun of others and knowing himself well enough to let them know he needed space.

That same group consists of this kid named garret, who honestly, I'm not a big fan of.  Link, Jameson, and garret are the older kids as brandys.  Link and Jameson get along great, but garret ignores him, rolls his eyes when he sees him, etc.  But the hard part is that Jameson chooses garret over link to play and goes along with not letting link in from time to time.   I have no idea what to do.  I've asked for advice.  I've told brandy.  My next idea is to pull my mom's trick and have garret to our house by himself. I hope this can happen before links birthday next week but I'm uncertain.  Link is so sad he dreads going to brandys, even has mentioned he sometimes wishes he was dead.  Seriously, 5 year olds say this?  What am I going to do when he is 15?  This is so different than at kinderhaus where link had a best buddy and lots of admirers.  I keep reminding him that there are people who adore him and try to set up play dates with them.

Now in addition to this or because of this, I don't know, link has had a major temper lately.  Seeing inside out has helped tremendously.  We are trying to cool anger as our first response.  

Good golly.

On the 18 month old side, Felix is doing great.  He has almost all his teeth in but the canines.  He is signing more, bye, all done, up, nurse.  He is saying mama, batman, ball, and pretty close on some other words too.

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